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The Abbey School Student Anti-Bullying Policy

Fortunately at The Abbey, where levels of supervision are very high, instances of bullying are extremely rare. However, we are not complacent about this and also recognise that, outside school, our youngsters very often encounter others in the community who do not readily understand their special needs and as a result they are more vulnerable than they might appear at first glance.


While this is an issue that is always on the radar, there is a particular emphasis during the annual national awareness-raising week designated by the Anti-Bullying Alliance. For this year (week of November 13-17 2017), the theme prescribed by the Anti-Bullying Alliance is "All Different, All Equal". During the week students engage in related activities across the curriculum including conducting a student safety survey. Having reflected on the issues, the school council ratify their own anti-bullying policy (see above). This student-generated policy complements the whole school anti-bullying and related  policies which can be found in the Community area of the website.


All members of the school community including students, teachers, Teaching Assistants and other staff are invited to sign the anti-bullying board in the school hall annually acknowledging their commitment to the school anti-bullying oath pledging:

  • I will not bully others
  • I will not stand by while others are bullied
  • I will report bullying whenever I see it


Abbey School students signing up to the school anti-bullying oath

Picture 1 Power for Good 2016
Picture 2 Anti-Bullying poster display 2016