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The Friends have a closed Facebook group. This makes it much easier for you all keep in touch, share ideas and advice and find out about FOTA events, as well as organise outings together in the evening, at weekends and during the holidays. The closed FOTA Facebook group is a “safe” environment which only parents and teachers are able to join. There is a quick process where you have to make a request to join the group and we check your name against the school parent list. This makes sure that the group is kept to the Abbey community. All posts and content can only be seen by members of the group and are private from the outside world.

How to join: go to (and sign up, if you are not already on Facebook) then search for the Abbey Friends group and press the button asking to join the group.

We will then have to approve your request (because only members of the Abbey School community will be allowed) which won’t take long, but can only be done during school hours. This makes it a safe environment where members can 'chat' about school or about issues that matter to them and their children, but non-members cannot see what is being said and cannot join in.