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A great win!

The first game for 2012/13 for the 1st XI football team was eagerly awaited by all those in and around the squad. Expecting a game before the end of the Michaelmas term, the team had put in a lot of practice on individual and team skills as well as working on positional play and tactics. <div>  </div> <div> On the day the team was charged and ready. It quickly established it's superior skills and physical prowess in the first half, scoring 4 goals, 3 from Eddie and 1 from John conceding only 1 goal in the process due to a wonderful goal keeping display from Nick Adams and strong defensive play from Dexter, Sean and Jesse. The mid field of Lewis and Jake helped provide additional defensive muscle as well as feeding quality ball for the strike force of Kathleen Eddie and John. In the second half St Philip improved their game and were playing with much more flair. Their team had been seriously bolstered by Paddy who very sportingly offered and played for the opposition when one of their players got injured. We continued to impress with skilful play culminating in an outstanding cross from Jake and a stunning header from John. This was however to be the only goal in the second half by either team despite very good effort from both teams.</div> <div>  </div>

Mark Packham

First Team Coach