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A vintage occasion!

A couple of months ago representatives of the local charity The Hedgehogs asked me if we would like to be considered to benefit from a fundraiser they were doing the students would be the be the joint beneficiaries of the charity event. Due to the immense pressure on our finances I of course said yes. The event was for participants to have a private viewing of a very special collection of cars, partake in an auction of motoring memorabilia and tickets to events as well as having a great evening in a  lovely area of Surrey. I cannot thank The Hedgehogs enough for selecting our students to be joint beneficiaries of this amazing event. As a gesture I presented them with one of the mounted photographic images produced by Yr11 Dangloush Brooks. This raised £100 in the auction. The accompanying pictures depict some of the amazing collection of very special cars. We wait to hear about the presentation from The Hedgehogs to school. Mrs Wallace, Mrs Willans, Mrs Marsh and Mrs Keen attended the event along with me.
Mr Gardiner.