Supporters & Volunteers

If you are interested in volunteering to help the school on a one-off or regular basis, please contact Helen Kennedy Helen will be able to address any queries you have. Without people like you we would not be able to be the successful school we are. We are always thrilled to have an additional pair of hands. Below is a link to further information and an application form and a link to the WMAT website where you will be able to view the Trust's Fair Processing Notices (FPNs).

Information and Application Form for Volunteers
WMAT Policies and FPNs
Thank you to the organisations listed below who have supported the school with donations, sponsorship and/or help with projects. The support of the community, both local and wider, helps us to offer exciting opportunities and achieve outstanding results and outcomes for our students.

Children with Special Needs Foundation

Farnham Lions

Farnham Hedgehogs

Farnham Inner Wheel

Farnham Riding for the Disabled

Frensham Ponds Sailability

Hammerson PLC

Happy Days

Reade Signs

South Street Trust

St James's Place Foundation

The Worshipful Company of Turners

Zurich Insurance