Young Carers

At The Abbey School we are very keen to offer support for any young carers. Young carers are young people who have caring roles for family members or friends with physical or mental health problems or disabilities, or drug or alcohol problems.

A young carer is someone aged up to 18 who provides care for a family member or friend who has a long-term physical or mental health problem or disability, or a drug or alcohol dependency.

Some young carers are the main carers in the household; others supplement the caring undertaken by other members of the family. The caring tasks include:

· Domestic tasks (e.g. cooking, cleaning, shopping)

· Personal care (e.g. helping with mobility; washing; dressing; giving medicine)

· Emotional support & supervision (e.g. watching over someone; providing company and

a ‘listening ear’)

· Sibling care: Looking after an ill or disabled sibling (or a non-disabled sibling where an ill or disabled parent is unable to provide this care)

· Communication support (e.g. interpreting; answering phone or door)

· Financial management: (e.g. budgeting; paying bills)

· Self-care: Looking after themselves, where an ill or disabled parent is unable to provide this care

Difficulties with relationships, roles, routine and income are more likely to occur when a family member has a disability or long-term illness. Whilst some young people cope very well in these circumstances, there are many who experience stress-related problems and who struggle with their learning as a result.

Mrs Howell-Din is the school's champion for young carers Link to contact the school's Young Carers ChampionShe will liaise with pupils, families and staff in order to ensure that pupils who are carers are able to achieve and to enjoy their education.

The school is in contact with Surrey Young Carers, a charity to whom the school can refer for further assistance. Representatives from Surrey Young Carers have been into school to deliver assembly presentations to the students. Awareness of the issues has also been the subject of staff training at the school.

If your family might be affected by any of the issues mentioned above, and you and your son/daughter would like support, please contact Mrs Howell-Din at the school on 01252 725059   or using the email link above. If no help is required at this time, the school would still appreciate your sharing of any circumstances that may have an impact upon your child’s education as they progress through the school. This will allow us to be aware and offer support as required. Anything you do tell us will be treated sensitively and will not be shared unnecessarily without your knowledge.

Surrey Young Carers            Telephone:    01483 568 269