Celebrating Reading

We believe that all staff should be reading role models for students. Across all departments, staff share their love of reading. Adults read with and to students regularly in lessons, in reading groups and in assemblies. Teachers’ personal book recommendations and updated book lists are promoted on classroom doors. 

Celebration assemblies capture reading successes across the school. Active participation in whole school Reading Challenges, Reading Theme of the Week and Sound of the Week places reading at the forefront of daily school life. Special events such as World Book Day provide an opportunity to promote reading with a ‘sense of the special’. Visits from authors and MC Grammar inspire and cultivate a genuine love of reading.

Whole school reading challenges such as Guess the Book, door decorating, and ‘Reading Miles’ bring the school together in further promoting reading and stories. Students are encouraged to give their own opinions and share what they enjoy and to talk about different books that they would recommend. 

We make meaningful experiences around books and reading for pleasure. Links with local libraries, independent book companies and Waterstones means that students can immerse themselves in a reading culture outside of school.



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