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PSHE Curriculum Intent



  • To support students in becoming healthy, safe and resilient individuals who have the tools and know-how to make informed life choices. 

  • Students will develop the skills, knowledge and attributes to keep themselves healthy and safe, as well as understanding and being able to champion the health and welfare of those around them. 

  • To prepare students for later life and work, enabling them to effectively contribute to wider society. 

Throughout PSHE lessons in years 7-11, students will follow a spiral curriculum whereby each year will build on the knowledge and skills base developed in prior years. 3 core themes will be followed throughout;  

  1. Health and wellbeing 
  2. Living in the wider world 
  3. Relationships 

Whilst the core themes are consistent in all years, the topics and subject matter will change and be pitched at an age appropriate level.  

Year 7

Through our PSHE curriculum we aim for pupils to:

  1. To support students in their transition to secondary school.  
  2. To begin exploring what it means to be healthy and safe (particularly in relationships). 
  3. Begin developing basic knowledge and skills for financial literacy and preparation for adult life. 


Autumn 1 Health and Wellbeing: All About Me
Autumn 2 Health and Wellbeing: Personal health and hygiene
Spring 1 Living in the Wider World: Economic Wellbeing
Spring 2 Relationships: Diversity, Prejudice and Bullying
Summer 1 Relationships: Establishing positive relationships
Summer 2 Living in the Wider World: Enterprise skills and introduction to careers


Year 8 & 9

Through our PSHSE curriculum we aim for pupils to:

  • To raise awareness of and develop ability to identify potential dangers and risk behaviours. 

  • Develop confidence and resilience in saying no to unsafe or unhealthy behaviours, relationships or choices. 

  • Strengthen knowledge and cultivate awareness of healthy habits that look after our own and others physical and mental/ emotional well-being. 


Cycle 1 Topic
Autumn 1 Emotional Wellbeing & Relationships: Emotions & Coping with Change
Autumn 2 Online Safety and Digital Literacy 
Spring 1 Health education: Alcohol and Drug Misuse
Spring 2 The Law and Me
Summer 1 Sex & Relationships: Puberty & Sexual Identity
Summer 2 Financial Wellbeing


Cycle 2 Topic
Autumn 1 Community, Rights & Responsibilities
Autumn 2 Personal Safety: At Home & Out and About
Spring 1 Personal safety: Managing Risk Behaviours
Spring 2 Human Rights
Summer 1 Sex & Relationships
Summer 2 Financial Wellbeing

Year 10 & 11

Through our PSHE curriculum we aim for pupils to:

  • To develop the skills and confidence to be able to critique and question the reliability of sources. 

  • To build confidence and develop resilience in demonstrating how to say ‘no’ to negative influences.

  • To be well prepared and to have a vision for life after The Abbey.  

Cycle 1 Topic
Autumn 1 Challenging Extremism & Radicalisation
Autumn 2 Careers & Future Aspirations
Spring 1 Relationships & sex education: Healthy Relationships
Spring 2 Drug and Alcohol Abuse & Addiction
Summer 1 Relationships & Sex Education: Respecting Difference
Summer 2 First Aid & Personal Safety


Cycle 2 Topic
Autumn 1 Healthy Lifestyles
Autumn 2 Careers & The Workplace
Spring 1 Mental Health & Wellbeing
Spring 2 Prejudice & Discrimination
Summer 1 Relationships & Sex Education
Summer 2 Financial wellbeing

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