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Year 7

Year 7 have one session per week. Students follow a scheme of work known as Music Express which incorporates exploring sounds, rhythmic patterns and arrangement. Within this, students learn to sing a variety of songs and listen to music from different genres to develop their listening, composing, performing and appraising skills. We have also introduced the ‘BBC 10 Pieces’ music resources which cover a range of music genres and allows the students to study these in depth. The music chosen from this includes The Enigma Variations by Elgar and Finlandia by Sibelius.


Year 8 & 9 Enrichment


There is one lesson each week. Students can choose from Drama, Music, Cooking, Media or Orienteering. Students are grouped according to interest, giving priority to their top 3 choices as there is a termly rotation. In addition, a selection of Year 8/ 9 students attend a singing enrichment group where the focus is on learning and performing songs and listening skills. This may lead to a performance at an event.

Year 10 & 11 Option

As part of our Key Stage 4 provision, pupils get the opportunity to choose four subjects that they would like to study further during years 10 and 11. There are a dozen subjects to choose from. These subjects always take place in the afternoons and are much more practical in nature.

KS4 music consists of a variety of activities. These include listening to various styles of music, quizzes, using the apps on the Ipads and singing along to favourite songs. There is also an opportunity to play keyboards and the guitar.

Some members of the group will complete small projects producing fact files on favourite bands, looking at music venues and assessing the use of music in media. This work is recorded and shown to the rest of the group. We have started using the BBC 10 pieces’ resource which looks at a variety of genres of music and allows the students to discuss and reflect on some well-known works e.g. Finlandia by Sibelius and the Enigma Variations by Elgar.

The music curriculum evolves each year depending on the students that have chosen this and their specific needs.