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Music Curriculum Intent

  • To enable students to develop an appreciation and enjoyment of music
  • To develop an understanding of how music can evoke emotion and create a mood
  • To enable students to learn simple rhythm through a variety of musical styles and repeat using simple percussion
  • To learn about the history of music and how styles have developed throughout the century’s.

Year 7

Year 7 have one session per week. 

Students will-

  • Identify how music can be used descriptively e.g. Carnival of the Animals
  • Be introduced to repeated patterns and perform on simple percussion instruments
  • To learn about the pentatonic scale and how it is used in music
  • To learn about variety of composers and their styles using BCC 10 pieces


Autumn 1 Animal Magic
Autumn 2 Play It Again
Spring 1 Class Orchestra
Spring 2 Dragon Scales
Summer 1 Painting With Sound
Summer 2 Salt Mustard Vinegar Pepper


Year 10 & 11 Option

Students choose music as an option in KS4 . The two year rolling programme will develop, consolidate what has been experienced over the last 3 years. It will also introduce AQA Unit awards.

Students will-

  • Listen and reflect on various genes of music at a greater depth e.g. Mason Bates- Anthology
  • Develop and consolidate musical vocabulary e.g. ostinato, palindrome
  • Create music using simple percussion instruments
  • Research music styles and build up evidence creating Fact Files ( AQA unit award scheme)
  • Continue to develop an ability to listen critically to music and have different musical likes.
Cycle 1 Topic
Autumn Creating Sound
Spring Introduction to Musical Instruments
Summer Music Appreciation


Cycle 2 Topic
Autumn Listening to Music of Different Tempos
Spring Researching a Period of Popular Music
Summer Beginners Percussion