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RE Curriculum Intent 


  • To provide students with a knowledge and understanding of a range of religions and world views 

  • To enable students to express ideas and insights about the significance of religions and world views

  •  To enable students to gain skills needed to engage seriously with religions and world views

Year 7

RE is taught to Year 7 students in one allocated period per week.

 The aims of RE are:

  • To develop knowledge about Christianity, Judaism and Islam, with an emphasis on Christianity. 
  • To gain a greater understanding of God’s life, worship and places of worship within these three religions. 
  • To develop their fundamental sense of what is right and wrong. 


Autumn 1 Who is Jesus?
Autumn 2 The Birth of Jesus & The Meaning of Christmas 
Spring 1 Stories from the Bible & Christian Place of Worship 
Spring 2 The Meaning of Easter
Summer 1 Jews & Judaism
Summer 2 Muslims & Islam 


Year 8 & 9

Students in Key Stage 3 have one lesson of Religious Education (RE) every week.

The aims of RE in year 8 & 9 are:

  • To extend their knowledge to the other main world religions, and their corresponding beliefs, values and traditions. 
  • To develop their understanding of the influence of these religions on individuals, families, communities and cultures. 
  • To develop an appreciation of and respect for other people’s beliefs and practises. 


Cycle 1 Topic
Autumn 1 What does it mean to be a Jew?
Autumn 2 Harvest
Spring 1 What do Muslims Believe?
Spring 2 What Happened During Jesus’ Last Week on Earth? 
Summer 1 What does it mean to be a Hindu?
Summer 2 What is the Buddhist way of life?


Cycle 2 Topic
Autumn 1 What does it mean to be a Sikh? 
Autumn 2 Why is light used as a symbol at Christmas?
Spring 1 What does it mean to be a Muslim?
Spring 2 Easter around the world 
Summer 1 Who are the Jews?
Summer 2 Hindu use of images

Year 10 & 11

KS4 Intent 

  • Students to fully develop a sense of identity and belonging within a multi-faith and multi-cultural society and global community. 
  • Students to fully understand the importance of having a respect for and sensitivity to others from a different faith with other beliefs. 
  • Students to understand the importance of combating prejudice and to be fully accepting of differences. 
Cycle 1 Topic
Autumn Religion and Life Issues - Prejudice
Spring Religion and Life Issues - Planet Earth
Summer Religion and Citizenships - Relationships


Cycle 2 Topic
Autumn Religion and Citizenship – Human Rights
Spring Religion and Life Issues – Animal Rights
Summer Worship and Key Beliefs - Worship

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