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Tutor Time KS3

KS3 Tutor Time Curriculum Intent

The school aims to utilise Tutor Time periods effectively in an effort to equip students with a range of engaging and relevant topics throughout the week to help their holistic development.

Speaking and listening skills - using “show and tell” to develop knowledge about how to recall facts about personal events and to develop and extend students’ presentation skills through activities.

Social Skills - to understand how to use social skills through the use of communication based activities created by the Speech and Language team

Reading for meaning skills - to develop in variety of activities through personal reading books; comprehension activities; Group Reading and reading with adults

Zones of Regulation - To develop an understanding of and use it to help self-regulate behaviour

Topic Work – Mind, Body, Soul - To have awareness of a range of topics that relate to wellness, mindfulness, spirituality, personal hygiene, personal organisation, goal setting and healthy living

ASDAN - To have awareness of a range of topics that explore how students can impact on society and vice versa – through and understanding of     identity, community, health, citizenship, the environment, personal finance, values, enterprise and an understanding of the international world. The framework is designed around the themes covered in ASDAN.

Life Skills - To develop an understanding of life skills to promote personal development and develop their understanding of independence at home and out and about in the wider community.


Key Stage 3

There are five tutor time lessons each week which incorporate the following areas:

Reading for Pleasure - Daily practise of reading skills

Discussion Time – Daily group discussions on topical issues raised by students and staff

Social Skills – One session per week. Classes have sessions planned by the Speech and Language Therapist (SaLT) and delivered by the teacher

Key Steps - Challenges under the headings of health, personal finance, international, identity and community affairs

Brain Teaser / Problem Solving - Individual personalised activities to encourage students to problem solve and think for themselves

Healthy Life Style - Students consider all aspects of having a healthy life style from diet to exercise and healthy choices. This incorporates practical cooking on a rota basis which means that each student will cook at least once every 3 weeks.

Key Skills - Students learn how to carry out day to day skills which they may find difficult e.g. cutting, tying, folding, form filling, diary management, etc.

Reading and Listening for Meaning - Students are encouraged to work out the meaning of spoken and written language for themselves and apply this understanding to a range of activities.

We also take the opportunity to discuss the school’s ‘Together We Can Awards’ and look at how pupils can attain these. 

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4 students have one tutor time each week.

Time is spent working on:

  • Annual review contributions
  • Reading
  • Careers
  • Social Skills
  • Target work.