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Food For Life KS4

Some students in Key Stage 4 follow the ‘Food for Life’ programme which comprises Food Cooking and Food Buying. During Food Buying lessons, students have the opportunities to learn through a variety of activities such as: comparing the prices of similar products, finding cheaper alternatives for ingredients, looking at food labelling, planning a meal on a budget. Students also go to local supermarkets to shop for some of the ingredients for their Food Cooking lesson, which also gives them the opportunity to practice money skills for example, working out the correct change.

In Food Cooking lessons, students learn about different cooking methods as well as how to prepare, present and serve food. Students are encouraged to develop their independence in the kitchen whilst learning the importance of food hygiene.

What students learn

  • To be familiar with and be more confident in the cooking area
  • Good food hygiene
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Safe use of a knife including the bridge hold and claw grip
  • Use of kitchen equipment
  • Use of the cooker safely (grill, hob, oven)
  • Prepare a range of fresh ingredients, e.g. peeling, grating, coring
  • Weigh and measure ingredients
  • What to do before you shop for food (plan a shopping list)

Cross Curricular links

Students practise their literacy skills when reading recipes, writing shopping lists and keeping a diary of the meals they have prepared. They practise their numeracy skills when buying the food, weighing and measuring out for the recipes and working within a budget.