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Vocational Learning KS4

On a Thursday morning each week the majority of our Key Stage 4 pupils take part in a more vocational style curriculum to equip them with some of the wider skills needed for life outside of school post 16. Subjects are outlined below.

Our most able students are withdrawn from parts of the Vocational Learning curriculum to give them the opportunity to study for an additional GCSE in English.

Alton College Link Provision Year 10

Some students in year 10 attend Alton College one morning a week. Whilst there, they will have the opportunity to experience three different courses on a rotational basis (one per term) which are delivered by the college staff, these include:

  • Photography (LLS unit: MEDIA - producing and editing images)
  • Sports
  • Outdoor sports & team building (summer term)
  • Drama

The college experience is invaluable in Year 10 as an introduction to independence as well as providing an insight into the college lifestyle. The students are accompanied to college by Abbey School staff who know them well and are on hand to provide support, if required.

Work Experience

Some students will embark on an extended weekly work placement during Year 11, and very occasionally during Year 10. This opportunity will be determined according to student motivation and suitability. Work experience is an integrated part of preparation for the next stage of their education. The benefits of work experience can be substantial. 

Community Studies/Life Skills

These lessons look at the skills that students will need in order to become more independent in their day to day lives, whilst enabling them to be responsible members of the community.

The First Aid programme covers a range of situations which students may encounter for example dealing with asthma, head injuries and coping in an emergency. Guidance is provided by St John Ambulance so that students can learn about the most up to date techniques.

Travel training enables students to learn about using different forms of transport as well as safety in the community. Topics covered include road safety, using trains, reading timetables, buying tickets and understanding how to be an effective and safe traveller and dealing with different situations.

Health & Well-being

Some students from KS4 have been selected to go to Farnham Leisure Centre to participate in weekly workout sessions in the gym.

The sessions are overseen by staff from The Abbey School as well as the gym staff. The equipment the students use includes treadmills, recumbent bikes, upright triathlon training bikes, multi workout cross trainers and muscle toning resistance machines. A fitness program is provided for the students to follow.

This is a wonderful opportunity where students can become fitter and therefore healthier as a consequence of this training. In the longer term, this fitness programme will help the students become familiar with using training and fitness equipment, help them develop good healthy lifestyle habits and show them that becoming fit and healthy can also be good fun.

Students should find this to be a very enjoyable experience as well as providing very valuable lifestyle guidance. Furthermore, it will help them improve social skills and give them an opportunity to experience life in the community.