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Year 8 & 9

Students also have one lesson each week of Drama or they can join the school choir.

Students who prefer to opt out of these performing arts sessions have an extra session of physical activity.

In drama lessons in KS3 students study A Midsummer Night's Dream, then move on to recreating famous scenes from a range of different shows e.g. Oliver, Annie, etc. In the Summer term, the focus is on real life situations which link into the social skills sessions that are taught during tutor time; acting out job interviews, how to greet someone you have never met before, etc. Throughout the year, students will be able to act out, improvise and even write their own scripts to perform. They also act and perform in assemblies as well as making their own costumes and props. 

Drama Enrichment


There is one lesson each week. Students can choose from Drama, Music, Cooking, Media or Design Technology. Students are grouped according to interest, giving priority to their top 3 choices as there is a termly rotation.

In addition, a selection of Year 8/ 9 students attend a singing enrichment group where the focus is on learning and performing songs and listening skills. This may lead to a performance at an event.

Drama KS4 Option

In KS4, students are able to explore a range of different elements of drama. Some drama lessons focus on social skills and appropriate and inappropriate ways to act within real life situations. This also links in with speaking and listening skills and gives students a chance to learn about real life issues such as peer pressure and bullying.

In addition to this, students also get the chance to be as creative as they want to be by planning and then directing their own film with their peers. As well as being creative, these sessions also help students develop their team work skills and also their leadership skills as each student gets the chance to direct their own film as well as act. We study Shakespearean plays such as Macbeth and then use this as inspiration for our own plays/films. Students are encouraged to work with their peers, share their ideas and listen to each other as well as give each other constructive feedback.