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Business Enterprise

Qualification: AQA Unit Award

Business Enterprise operates on a 1-year course basis where students set up a new company, develop a business idea and allocate professional roles to ensure the smooth running of the company. A business idea is developed, marketed and evaluated with the goal of securing a monetary profit at the end of the year.  

Students work towards different AQA Unit Award Certificates throughout the first year whilst gaining a basic understanding of what an enterprise is. They consider the use and purpose of company logos and create a logo for their business. Different job roles within a business will be explored and are assigned to students to mirror the running of the company. After this, students decide what product could be manufactured, marketed and sold. The process of evaluating the product, what price to sell at and profit margins are explored. Finally, students will evaluate how successful their product was and what they would do differently next time. 

When students move into year 11 they will have extended tasks which will help them build on what they learnt during the first year. This includes activities such as planning and presenting about the previous year to the Year 10’s. The Year 11s work towards higher level Unit Awards Certificates or finish off tasks/units from the first year’s Unit Award Schemes. There is an emphasis on extending the skills of the year 11’s such as their confidence and leadership skills through presentations, group direction and decision making. 


Autumn Intro Into Business, Market research and Job Roles  
Spring Profit, Loss and Our Product 
Summer Promoting, Selling and Reviewing Product