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Enrichment KS3

KS3 Enrichment Curriculum Intent 

The enrichment curriculum provides a broad and balanced selection of topics which can further develop students’ awareness of themselves and the world around them – life skills for both now and for the future post 16. 

Creative Arts Year 7

The aim of Creative arts is:

  • To enable students to further their appreciation and enjoyment of art and design. 

  • To allow students to explore and engage with a range of different art media and disciplines outside of the art curriculum. 

  • To provide students with the fundamental skills, knowledge and understanding to use their creativity as a means of self-expression. 

Autumn 1 Photography
Autumn 2 Character Design
Spring 1 Character Design
Spring 2 Print Making
Summer 1 Felt Making
Summer 2 Model Making


Music Year 8 & 9

The aim of Music Enrichment is to

  • Introduce and enjoy a range of musical instruments 
  • Consolidate knowledge and learn new terms e.g. piano/ forte.
  • Learn about the origin of djembe drumming and basic techniques 
  • Investigate body percussion; Discover the origins of HAKA
  • Learn about call and response 
  • Discover the origin of RAP and modern day applications - Hamilton the musical. 
  • Discover the origins of Samba - Use simple instruments to produce samba rhythms
Half term 1 African Drumming - Djembe
Half term 2 The Voice an Body Percussion
Half term 3 Samba


Media Year 8 & 9

The aim of media is:

  • To provide a platform to create 4 different media projects over the half year 
  • To design film posters; Designing Sway (Microsoft) websites; Design and Gaming 
Half Term 1 Creating a Poster
Half Term 2 Stop Motion Animation
Half Term 3 Photography


PE Year 8 & 9

The aim of PE enrichment is:

  • To allow student to access physical education and physical activity in a recreational and enjoyable way 
  • To develop social skills such as teamwork and a supportive mind-set using team sports and adapted activities.  

Activities include multi skills, boccia, football and seated volleyball amongst other activities as and when deemed necessary.

Half Term 1 Sportsmanship
Half Term 2 Refereeing, Umpiring & Competition
Half Term 3 Leading & Coaching


        Promoting a healthy lifestyle by providing opportunities to engage in enjoyable sporting activities 

Drama Year 8 & 9

The Aim of Drama Enrichment is:

To investigate the genre and asked what distinctive features/ characters plot lines etc. it may have. 

  • To allow students to individually develop their own characters to fit the genre  
  • To work as a group and to have planned a storyboard 
  • To act out a short dramatisation.  
  • To focus on the skills of team work and cooperation & self and peer evaluation  
  • To appreciate what makes for a successful character improvisation. 

Students are encouraged to reflect on their use of facial expressions and body language, dialogue and use of props. 

Half Term 1 Superheroes
Half Term 2 Soaps
Half Term 3 Murder Mystery


Money Skills Year 8 & 9

The aims of this subject are:

  • To know/recognise coins and notes of different values. 
  • To know where money comes from. 
  • To know how to add up coins.  
  • To know how get change from coins (to know how much is spent and how much is left) 
  • To know how to use coins to pay for shopping.   
  • To know how to make simple choices about money. 
  • To know what choices can be made with pocket money. 
Half-Term 1 Managing Money
Half-Term 2 Making Choices on Spending and Saving
Half-Term 3 Keeping Money Safe


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