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Sports Leadership KS4

Sports Leadership Curriculum Intent

  • ​To provide pupils with a qualification in which they can use in post 16 settings. 
  • To provide pupils the opportunity to understand and gain leadership skills that will help them not only in sport, but also in everyday life. 
  • To improve student’s confidence and knowledge of sport so that they can use this after finishing at The Abbey. 
  • To improve student’s confidence to allow them to talk in front of larger groups of people and lead sessions 
  • To provide students with the skills needed to plan and lead a session 

Cycle 1 

Students will gain an understanding of different skills and behaviours that a leader needs. They will also look at developing their leadership skills and what roles a sports leader may take on and what responsibilities come with that role.  

Learners will: 

  • Know the skills and behaviours needed to lead others, such as communication, and how these can be used in a range of situations. 

  • Start to develop their leadership skills through self-evaluation and feedback, and then using evaluation to rate their current skill set and what needs developing. 

  • Create an action plan to help develop their leadership skills. 

  • Understand the roles of a sports leader, and the different roles they may take on, for example a referee or a coach and the differences between the two.  

  • Outline and understand the responsibilities for the different roles.  

Students will complete various pieces of coursework which will go towards their level 1 qualification.  


Cycle 2 

Students will look at planning, assisting in leading and reviewing a practical session. They will learn how to plan an appropriate and safe session, assist in leading the session that they have planned and then reviewing their role within the session and the different methods you can use to review a session.  

Learners will: 

  • Learn how to plan an appropriate practical session and what to include, for example warm up, main activity, game and cool down.  

  • Learn a range of different activities they can use for various sports. 

  • How the ability and needs of participants may differ and how to adapt sessions for this. 

  • Assist in leading a physical activity which they have planned. 

  • Using effective communication skills when assisting in leading a physical activity including verbal and non-verbal communication. 

  • How to motivate participants through various methods such as competition and personal challenges.  

  • Ensuring equipment is safe to used and organised. 

  • Adapting rules within a practical session to make it more inclusive.  

  • Review their leadership role in the session through various methods such as self-review and peer review. 

Students will complete various practical sessions and be assessed on these sessions.


Cycle 1 Topic
Autumn 1 Skills and behaviours of a leader 
Autumn 2 How leadership skills and behaviours can be used in everyday life
Spring 1 Developing skills 
Spring 2 Roles of a sports leader
Summer 1 Responsibilities and skills/behaviours needed
Summer 2 Planning sessions


Cycle 2 Topic
Autumn 1 Know how to plan an appropriate session
Autumn 2 Session Information
Spring 1 Planning a session
Spring 2 Adapting a session and communication
Summer 1 Motivational Methods
Summer 2 Leading and reviewing sessions