Our Autism outreach service is provided by highly experienced staff. It is free of charge to Surrey secondary schools. Other schools may request Autism outreach support (with a charge for the service provided). The Autism outreach service will undertake the following:

  • Classroom observations and meetings with students
  • Meetings with parents/carers and external agencies involved
  • Written reports following the outreach visit that will include conclusions, recommendations and suggested strategies as appropriate
  • Bespoke staff training
  • E-mail and telephone contact
  • In-reach service for staff from supported schools, to enable them to see good practice in action

Students must be referred to the service by their school, but parents can request Autism outreach involvement by approaching the SENCo/ Inclusion Manager of their child's school.

SENCOs/Inclusion Managers, please download the referral form below. If your school is new to the service please also complete the Service Level Agreement as well. If you are interested in arranging for staff to attend an in-reach session, please contact Jill Currie at



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