COVID Home Testing


Thank you for home testing your child 

Your child will bring the home test kits and a blue guidance pamphlet home from school.

Once you have understood the testing process and have read the privacy notice, if you choose to participate in the testing, you are committing to self-administration of the test and to report the results via the NHS Test & Trace digital platform and to your education setting.


Before taking the Test

  1. Read the privacy notice which can be found at the bottom of this page. The school has recorded the lot number of your testing pack.
  2. Check that you have the test kit and the blue government guidance pamphlet (version 1.3.2 ). 
  3. Watch the videos of how to complete the test: Step by step guide to COVID-19 self-testing - YouTube
  4. Read the blue pamphlet.


Taking the Test

Please ensure your child is tested on a Sunday evening and a Wednesday evening each week

Please make sure the test is administered by an adult for anyone aged 11. 

Anyone aged 12-17 should be supervised by an adult but can swab themselves. Some students may require a little support from parents/carers. Please contact the school for extra support and guidance if you require.

  1. Open the testing kit.
  2. Throw away the guidance that is inside. Use the blue pamphlet.
  3. If something is damaged, broken, missing or difficult to use in the kit do not use it. (page 7)
  4. Follow the instructions in the pamphlet/video to take the test.
  5. Report the result - positive, negative, or void to the NHS as in the pamphlet, by telephone on 119 or at
  6. Report the result - positive, negative, or void to us at the school by completing the form below.
  7. If the result was void, complete another test and again report the new result to both the NHS and the school.
  8. When you require more testing kit, please record this on the form below.

If you have ongoing problems with kit, please contact the school office. 

For your information, you may be able to arrange test kits from the government for all family members here:

Please use the form below to report COVID-19 home testing results to the school