About Outreach

Who are Autism Outreach?

The Autism Outreach service is commissioned by Surrey and is based at four schools across the county; Linden Bridge and Freemantles, Limpsfield Grange and The Abbey. Linden Bridge and Freemantles visit primary schools and Limpsfield Grange and The Abbey visit secondary schools.

The outreach teams are made up of teachers and teaching assistants who have worked at our host schools. They have all had a range of training in autism-specific strategies and continue to access training and development opportunities, both with their host school and as a team. Many of our staff have experience working in both mainstream and special school settings.

The Autism Outreach teams support 325 schools (265 primary and 60 secondary) and around 2500 young people across the county. The service is highly thought of and 75% of our schools rated the service as 10/10 (Surrey Autism Outreach Service Report, July 2022)

What do Autism Outreach do?

We observe pupils in their classroom, keeping things as ‘normal’ as possible. For some pupils it is appropriate to have a chat with them directly. Afterwards, we meet with school staff and parents to discuss concerns and strategies to help. We write reports which outline our observations, form a record of discussions held and descriptions of the strategies we recommend. Following our visit, we arrange follow-up appointments, dependent on the level of need. These may be for individual pupils or part of a clinic-style visit to check up on how things are going and give general support to the school.

In addition to these visits, we;

* Give advice and information over the phone, or by email

* Support schools more generally with their ASD provision, through meetings and learning walks.

* Liaise with other surrey services such as the Specialist Teaching Teams, CAMHS and EPs

* Work with county teams such as the Joint Autism Strategy Group, to ensure there is a strong voice for autism in Surrey.

* Provide a range of resources and information sheets, along with up-to-date signposting to other sources.

How is the service accessed? 

The Outreach service is free to all Surrey schools and academies. Independent schools and nurseries can pay per visit.

Referrals must come from the young person’s schools and the referral form can be found on each team’s website. (Click Here)

An EHCP is not a requirement for referral.

A formal diagnosis of autism is not necessary; we can visit any young person with Social communication difficulties, who would benefit from autism related strategies.

Advice can be given over the phone or by email without a referral. Both schools and families are also welcome to access the resources and information on our websites.


Meet The Abbey Outreach Team


Jill Currie

Lead Teacher of Surrey Autism Outreach Service at The Abbey School

Jill trained as a primary schoolteacher and has taught in both mainstream and in special schools. She was head of a specialist unit in Wiltshire, where she was SENCO and worked as with pupils with learning and additional needs including Autism. She has completed Post Grad DipSEN and the MA module in Autism. Jill joined The Abbey School in September 2003 as a class teacher. She joined the Outreach team in 2006 and took over as Outreach lead teacher in 2015. Jill has worked with a range of ages, from reception right up to Y13.

Lucy Mitchell

Lucy Mitchell

Teacher of Surrey Autism Outreach Service at The Abbey School

Lucy has been working with the autistic community for the past 20 years. Teacher trained; she has taught in both mainstream schools and specialist provisions. Starting in primary she has worked throughout the different key stages including college and adult services. Lucy has a long association to secondary outreach and is returning to the Abbey after a period of outreach work with Limpsfield Grange.  As well as running Saturday morning Social and Emotional groups for YP on the spectrum she has the role of ASD Consultant at Woking High School two days a week.


Helen Kennedy

ASD Specialist at The Abbey School

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