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Design Technology

  • RESEARCH - To promote and develop curious and enquiring minds; pupils will want to know how things work and how they fit together. 

  • DESIGNING - To develop creativity and problem solving skills through designing; pupils will be able to adapt to changing situations. 

  • MAKING - To learn how to use a range of different machines, tools and materials confidently, safely and accurate to produce good quality artefacts. 

  • EVALUATING - To develop pupil’s ability to evaluate items in order to make improvements (quality control/quality assurance). 

Year 7

In year 7 pupils will learn about workshop health and safety.  They will undertake projects using wood, plastics, electronics and graphic materials (card etc.).  They will be introduced to new exciting technologies such as 3D printing and sublimation printing.  They will learn how to conduct basic research of existing products and design skills.  They will learn how to use common workshop tools safely and accurately.  They will learn how to self-evaluate their work and think of improvements. 

Autumn 1 Structures
Autumn 2 Boats
Spring 1 Pop-ups
Spring 2 Sublimation Mugs
Summer 1 Electronics -Colour Change LED
Summer 2 Problem Solving and 3D Printing


Year 8 & 9 Enrichment


In KS3 pupils will mainly concentrate on developing their practical skills as the time is limited.  They will focus on developing their skills and confidence using hand tools and machinery with the emphasis on working accurately. 

Half Term 1 Structures - Boxes
Half Term 2 Electronics
Half Term 3 Electronics


Year 10 & 11 Option

Qualification: AQA’s Unit Award Scheme

KS4 Design Technology Students can choose to specialise in Resistant Materials.  This subject will be certificated using modules from AQA’s Unit Award Scheme. 

Students will learn how to evaluate existing products and carry out research to find out what a third party wants.  They will learn to create items for someone else using a design brief. They will use their knowledge to make their own decisions about appropriate tools and processes to use.  They will learn how to evaluate other people’s work and how to act upon advice they receive. 

In Resistant Materials pupils will learn how to use move advanced tools and machinery in their projects.  They will learn how to develop products from their initial ideas to their final design.  They will gain a greater awareness of Health and Safety in the workshop. 

Cycle 1 Topic
Autumn 1 Clocks
Autumn 2 Electronics -  Decision Maker
Spring 1 Bookends
Spring 2 Wind Up Buggy 
Summer 1 Electronics – Steady Hand Game
Summer 2 Problem solving and team work


Cycle 2 Topic
Autumn 1 Mechanical Toys
Autumn 2 Mechanical Toys
Spring 1 Electronics – Op Amp Mono Speaker
Spring 2 Bird Box/Bug House
Summer 1 Plastic Key Fob
Summer 2 CAD/CAM – 3D Printing


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