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Design Technology

Year 7

Throughout the year students will have the opportunity to make objects and artefacts that are functional. Some lessons will solely be for students to learn a new skill or technique that they could develop further and will not necessarily always lead to a finished product.

Students will learn about how to use tools to help them construct and make things. We will learn about health and safety rules in the Design Technology room. Students will learn to prepare and plan their own projects and have the opportunity to think of strategies and explore or design their ideas to help them before embarking on the making process. Once the students have learnt new techniques or completed their projects they will learn to evaluate the outcomes and assess the success of their own work.

During Design Technology students will often work together in pairs to support one another particularly if a second pair of hands is needed. We create a safe and happy working environment. We also learn that if things don’t go right the first time we can try again. Mistakes can happen easily, especially with measuring and fitting things together. We learn to double check our work, sometimes even three times!

Students will learn to handle a variety of materials and tools. Literacy and numeracy skills are put into practice throughout as students create templates, learn to measure and get to know the names of tools and equipment.

  Topic Focus
Autumn 1 Structures Research, using machines & making artefacts
Autumn 2 Boats Using machines, making artefacts & evaluation
Spring 1 Pop-ups Designing & creating
Spring 2 Sublimation Mugs Designing & creating using specialist machinary 
Summer 1 Electronics -Colour Change LED Research, soldering & designing
Summer 2 Problem Solving and 3D Printing Team work, designing, & using specialist machinary 


Year 8 & 9 Enrichment


There is one lesson each week. Students can choose from Drama, Music, Cooking, Media or Design Technology. Students are grouped according to interest, giving priority to their top 3 choices as there is a termly rotation. In addition, a selection of Year 8/ 9 students attend a singing enrichment group where the focus is on learning and performing songs and listening skills. This may lead to a performance at an event.

Year 10 & 11 Option

As part of our Key Stage 4 provision, pupils get the opportunity to choose four subjects that they would like to study further during years 10 and 11. There are a dozen subjects to choose from. These subjects always take place in the afternoons and are much more practical in nature.

DT is offered as an option for students in year 10 and 11 and is aimed at those who have an interest in thinking about how things are put together, and how they operate.

Over the two years, students will design and make a range of projects using a variety of materials and equipment. Students will learn how to use workshop tools and machinery safely and accurately and develop their confidence. The materials used are mainly timber-based for flexibility and ease of use with different tools, but plastics are also introduced. We also study electronics, where students can make simple circuits and learn how to solder. There will also be opportunities to design and make products using a new 3D printer. The students are shown various fixing techniques so they can learn to choose materials appropriate for different purposes.

Students will also investigate and learn how to make strong, stable structures. The emphasis of the course is that students should develop confidence in using tools, materials and methods and believe that they can design and make products to help solve everyday challenges.

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