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Catering KS4

As part of our Key Stage 4 provision, pupils get the opportunity to choose four subjects that they would like to study further during years 10 and 11. There are a dozen subjects to choose from.  These subjects always take place in the afternoons and are much more practical in nature. 



Students in Year 10 and 11 will be able to follow the Unit Award Scheme. Each week there is a focus on following a recipe and being able to either work with a team or to cook independently. We work within the school Food Tech room. We will complement these lessons with lessons that focus on Food Handling; Safety in the Kitchen; Hygiene; Storing food carefully and being able to understand how food is sourced.

The key themes within the curriculum are:

  • Food Handling, Preparation and Storage
  • Basic Food Safety and Hygiene in kitchen

Students will need to successfully complete each section of the units through a range of tests and guided assessments. Upon completion and validation, they may be awarded a Unit Award. This session is aimed for those pupils who have an enjoyment of learning new skills; enjoy cooking; want to look at having a career in cooking or simply enjoy FOOD!


Pupils are assessed in a range of themes that cover the headings highlighted above. If the evidence has been achieved - this is submitted to the examining board to then be validated for a unit award in that area.