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Child Care KS4

QUALIFICATION: AQA Entry Level Certificate / Unit Award Scheme

Students will develop the fundamental skills and knowledge to help support children’s development under the age of 5 years, by: 

  • Use key vocabulary related to children’s holistic development 

  • Comparing books, TV and DVDs in relation to new key vocabulary and how it helps or hinders children’s development. 

  • Develop an understanding of the importance to encourage books to children from an early age. 

  • Explore a range of reading materials, children’s programmes and films.  

  • To design and create their own children’s book catered to a 3 year old using their new found knowledge and understanding.  

In all groups, students will be encouraged to reflect on the work, peer assess and make links to relevant Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) information.


Autumn Care of the Baby
Spring Pregnancy & Childbirth
Summer Project