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30th Sep 2022

Behind the Hoardings - Up on the roof!

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Our latest blog visit to The Abbey 2022 Project was very exciting! It was clear to see O&D have made excellent progress over the school summer holidays.
The roof on all four classrooms is almost complete, with the glazing for the window light shafts actually arriving at the school during our visit.
Block work on the extensive changing facilities, office, store facilities and plant room are also well underway. The steel frame is arriving shortly and the 4 huge internal Glulam beams are on-site and look really impressive. Glulam beams are made from laminates of wood glued together and shaped under heat and pressure. Glulam is made with timber from sustainable Scandinavian forests.
Work in the school itself also began for the first time over the summer. The main corridor (leading past the old DT room) has been completely re-plastered and decorated. The ceiling is new as is the lighting and electrical fittings. The food technology room is now completely stripped out with the old walls removed. Work has begun on the electrical work and you can clearly see the cables and plumbing pipes in the pictures. This starting stage of the room fit out is called M&E 1st Fix. M&E stands for Mechanical and Electrical. 

Christian & Ben

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