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14th Dec 2022

Behind the Hoardings: The big freeze!

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Our last visit to a very chilly Project 22 before the end of the year showed that despite the cold weather huge progress had been made over recent weeks. 1st Fix continues throughout the 4 new classrooms and some 2nd Fix has also begun, with the installation of the toilet facilities now underway. The boiler is due onsite shortly which will enable the underfloor heating to be started, and this in-turn will help the newly plastered walls to dry out. When applied the plaster is a dark brown/red colour, bit it dries to a light peach finish. As with many construction trades plastering is a very highly skilled job and the finish in the classrooms is particularly fine and smooth!

Block and brickwork on the impressive looking sports hall is now almost complete, but when the weather gets really cold they cannot be laid, as the cement that holds them together doesn’t create a strong enough bond. As soon as the block and brickwork is finished, work on the sports hall roof will begin. The exciting looking machine inside the sports hall is called a telehandler. Telehandlers are multi-purpose machines that lift, move and place materials around a site including bricks, gravel, wood and steel. These incredibly useful workhorses are often the first machines on the site and the last to leave as they can be used for many different jobs.

We are greatly looking forward to 2023 and the exciting opportunities the new build will bring to the entire school community. Until then we wish everyone at The Abbey, and at O&D Construction, a very happy festive season and a joyful New Year!

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