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16th Sep 2018

Florida 2018

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The day has finally arrived - eight students: Ryan, Connor, Bobby, Jacob, Sonny, Beth, Annabelle and Shantelle together with Mrs. Kennedy, Mr. Hacker and Mrs. Gardiner will be travelling to Gatwick this afternoon to begin their once in a lifetime trip to Florida.

Bags are packed, butterflies are fluttering in tummies, imaginations are running riot and excitement is building. Keep an eye on the blog and find out what will be happening over the next ten days!



What a great start to the holiday.

We all met at school and loaded the suitcases into the car for Miss. Barkess to drive to the hotel. Mr. Kennedy had the job of driving the minibus so a very big thank you to those two for giving up their Saturday afternoon. 

The students said goodbye to their families and posed for a photo by the minibus. A few butterflies were felt as we pulled out of the school gates whilst families waved us away but they quickly disappeared as we all began chattering about what to expect.

It was great hearing all about Shantelle’s crested gecko!

Ryan was flicking through his Florida guide book whilst Bobby and Jacob chilled on the back seat.

Sonny was a little tired so had a snooze. Connor was nearly asleep at one point but managed to stay awake.

We arrived at the hotel and met with the charity people Gordon and Ann Paris, Pauline and Malcolm Way, Tom Broderick and his partner and Gavin Price and his partner. We then had the job of checking in the suitcases which required a trip on the monorail to the other terminal. It was quite exciting seeing the planes so close.

After check in it was time to eat. We had a tasty buffet in the hotel restaurant which consisted of cheesy chips, fish strips, pasta, hot dogs and salad - very yummy. Ryan tucked in to the hot dogs and really enjoyed the waffles with fruit, marshmallows and chocolate sauce for pudding.

Annabelle had made a thank you card for the charity members so after a very short speech by Mrs. Gardiner, she presented her card to Ann. It was appreciated by all.

After dinner it was time to go to our bedrooms. The students were all very excited about their rooms and enjoyed claiming their beds. 

And so the end of the first day has arrived and, to be honest, we as staff could not be prouder of these students. They have been fantastic - polite, followed instructions, joining in with laughs and really bonding as a group. This is going to be an amazing trip and we can't wait to share with you what we're getting up to.

Watch this space!



All the students had a lovely night’s sleep and arose ready  for the day.

We headed down for breakfast and were overwhelmed by the choice. Full English, fruit, yoghurt and much more.

Afterwards, we headed to the terminal and have now boarded the plane.

Seat belts have been clipped in, head phones connected and sweets being handed around.

We will blog as soon as we can when we land to let you know we have arrived safely.

Bye for now!

We have landed safely and will be on our way to the house shortly. 




When I got on the plane I was excited. In the plane I have been playing on my iPad and watching a movie


When I got on the plane I played games and watched a move and played a game on my iPad