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06th Jun 2019

Year 9 PGL Trip 2019

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Day 3 - Back at school

We’ve done it. It has been an action packed whirlwind week for us all but a fantastic one. As a staff team we could not be prouder of all our pupils. The team bonding and character building has been phenomenal, the laughs have been non-stop, and we’ve definitely been kept on our toes!

So thank you: Ellen, Jonathon, James, Charles, Scott, Magnus, Adam, Arron, Connor, Jamie, and Toby. It has been a pleasure.

We would also like to thank the PGL staff who supported us along the way. 

Stay tuned for more pictures! 

However, as we can’t upload them all we will send individual ones home.

Enjoy your weekends!

Day 3

Today began with problem solving in the heavy rain. (This followed our unofficial problem solving activity of packing) It was certainly wet but it didn’t dampen the pupils spirits as they were able to work together as one whole group to complete challenges and solve riddles. George, our instructor, was impressed how quickly we were able to solve the riddles.

Still in the rain, we moved on to our final activity, abseiling. Adam, Arron, Charles, Connor, Jamie and Toby braved the gigantic climb and then smoothly made their way down on more than one occasion. Those who didn’t abseil did a fantastic job with Miss Parker supporting and encouraging the climbers.

Before lunch we had time to dry off and have a variety of card games taking place. (Mr Molloy even took Miss Barkess’s ‘Dobble’ crown) Along with the card games there was a game of heads-up charades where some interesting acting out took place. Definitely the Las Vegas of Hampshire.


Day 2

The children are in bed and exhausted! Miss B, Miss P and Mr M are are also on the weary side after a very active and fun-filled day.

To kick start the day we all enjoyed a healthy breakfast consisting of; bacon, sausages, beans or spaghetti, mushrooms, cereal, and toast. There may have been an apple or two...

Our first activity was the Zip Wire. Eight of our pupils flew from one end of the runway to the other, with some landings more abstract than others. Magnus and Jamie decided to push things to the extreme and not land on their feet. Magnus said this was his favourite activity so far.

The fun then carried on to the next activity. Team Sports.

The children bonded well as a team, working with students they may not usually team up with, supporting and encouraging each other along the way.

A competitive edge was definitely not turned up by Mr Molloy vs Miss Barkess, and neither cheated to gain an advantage and win.

The games of hockey and crab football were particular highlights with Ellen, Connor and James showing some great footwork.

Charles, Arron, and Jamie put in a great performance during the cricket match and maybe in contention for England’s next World Cup match.

In our transition times students went to the shop to buy snacks, souvenirs or presents. However this was a bit tricky at times for Scott who became the PGL local celebrity when bumping into friends from his previous school at St James’s.

The first afternoon activity was fencing. Every student joined in this activity, and we were lucky enough to have fantastic two instructors, Inga from PGL and the other being our very own Toby who could’ve been mistaken for Zorro.

Adam and Jono also demonstrated some great jabbing and parrying skills during their duels.

Spider-Man (Arron) decided to turn up and climb all the way to the top of Jacob’s Ladder, a wobbly vertical bridge as high as the tallest trees!

Adam again was cool, calm and collected climbing new heights along with Jamie and Toby, with Connor leading from the bottom whilst belaying.

Magnus and Scott also managed to climb a third of the way up, especially enjoying swinging back down to the bottom!

Before our monster dinner, we got to spend some time together chilling in the sun and playing UNO. Miss Barkess again showed the kids who’s boss and won the first game, until Ellen turned up the heat.

The day finished with a challenge assault course. James, Charles, Magnus and the rest of the crew sped round the course; climbing frames, crawling through tunnels, swung over pits and jumped over fences.

Once the confidence level rose, students challenged and beat the PGL staff around the course, with Jamie hurdling the fences like a prized racehorse.

Some packing was done this evening with waterproofs prepared as we are expecting a lot of rain tomorrow. I’m sure this won’t dampen spirts though as we’re all looking forward to our problem solving and abseiling sessions!


Day 1


What a great first day!


It started with a picnic in the park, followed by games of; football, frisbee, party games and a chilled yoga session to prepare us for the afternoon.


The first activity of the afternoon was the low level ropes course. We saw great teamwork and encouragement from all our pupils along with some world class tightrope talent! Scott, Toby and Ellen definitely were our Tarzan’s of The Abbey. Where as Arron certainly had the “wobbliest” walk.


From king and queen of the jungle to  master of arrows, next up was archery. Everyone had a go including the not at all competitive members of staff...


Roe-bin Hood and Magnus were able to complete some great independent archery whilst Toby, the Sheriff of Farnham, and Mr Molloy, the sheriff of Liverpool, were the only ones to hit the bullseye.


Time for dinner! We had worked up an appetite  for sure. Plates were piled and nothing was left.

We also bumped into Louis, an ex student, who is now working at PGL. It was great to see such a successful ex student who was polite and as helpful as ever.


In the evening we had a campfire in the woods. Miss Barkess and Ellen had set-up a nail salon where they painted their nails, as well as Toby and Mr Molloy’s!

Adam and Jamie led games of hide and seek, whilst Connor challenged Miss Barkess and Mr Molloy to games of Dobble, where Miss Barkess reigned supreme.

To finish the evening before settling into bed, we all sat around the fire reflecting on the day whilst toasting marshmallows.


A fantastic first day, hopefully more of the same tomorrow.

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