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27th Nov 2023

Behind the hoardings: Together we can build!

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Despite heavy rain and autumn gales over recent weeks, work on the next exciting phase at The Abbey continues to make excellent progress. 

With the foundations complete and the gas and waterproof membranes installed, the double reinforcing steel mesh was already being laid during our visit. You can clearly see the steel mesh in the pictures. The concrete floor slabs for the classrooms and offices will be poured over these in the coming weeks. 

The construction of this phase of the build does have some impact on the school for parking etc. But as always it was great to see the understanding between both the O&D team and The Abbey staff and students. 

The Together We Can values underpin life at The Abbey, and the huge expansion project enables the students to practice these skills in a real life setting. They can ‘take responsibility’ and ‘make safe choices’ when they move between buildings (always accompanied by staff), ‘show respect’ to the workers on site, and ‘manage their feelings’ with all the changes going on around them. 

It will be so exciting to see the new building take shape over the coming months, bring on 2024! 

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